About Us


Hi there!  Thanks for checking us out.  I’m Gabe… I do all the painting on the pieces you see featured here and on our other social media outlets.  Being an opera singer, I’ve always needed to find creative ways to support myself.  One of those was painting houses.  I started painting when I was a child and ever since, it’s been a part of my life.  I was always amazed at the dramatic transformations just from adding some paint.  The saying is true, “It’s amazing what a little paint can do”.  After my Grandmother passed away, I inherited some of her old furniture.  The bones were great, but the cosmetics were awful.  Being the sentimental person I am, I couldn’t throw it away.  I also didn’t want it displayed in my house because it wasn’t attractive.  So I painted it.  I did the dining room suite and gave it to my mother as a gift.  After many compliments, some encouragment and a lot of hard work, The Distressed Gentleman was born.  Three years later, we’re still going and loving every second of it.  We’ve found our home in historic Bristol, Va on State Street.